Cig Mouth

Use your skills to add a cigarette to your friends mouth. Cig Mouth makes it easy to use an existing image and add a cigarette to it. Simply download Cig Mouth, take an image, or use one from your album, and add a cigarette. You can re-size, twist, turn, and manipulate the cigarette to be at any angle or orientation.

Add a cigarette to anyone’s mouth. Actually, add a cigarette to anything really. Have a dog that you think would look funny with a cigarette in its mouth? Pop a cig in there. Is your best friend messing around with you? Mess around with him and pop a cigarette in his mouth! This is some high quality entertainment that will bring laughs to you and your friends. Cig Mouth has the goods!

4.5 stars on Apple App Store

Cig MouthApple App Store4.5